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Service feature: SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™

SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™ is a novel non-invasive skin resurfacing technology providing simultaneous exfoliation and delivery of targeted solutions for the face to address a variety of skin conditions such as acne, aging, redness and pigmentation.

Eyebrow extensions

This revolutionary technique allows our brow specialists to recreate volume to once full brows, to correct over-tweezed or over waxed brows, and to fill in gaps, with the end result of that ever-elusive perfect brow.

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Produit vedette : ColoreScience SPF mineral powder

Sunforgettable SPF 30 est une poudre minérale légère avec une peine-là estiment que fournit un coffre-fort, non-irritant, UVA instantanée et protection solaire UVB. Le pinceau à poudre auto-distribution rend cette formule simple facile à appliquer et réappliquer tout au long de la journée.

Nouveauté! Laser LightSheer Duet

Nous sommes tous et toutes à la recherche de l’épilation parfaite des poils indésirables. Pour répondre à ce besoin, Sophia Esthetic offre maintenant à sa clientèle la plus récente technologie Lightsheer Duet.

Waxing, Sugaring, & Threading


**Ask us about our express waxing**

Brazilian • $50
Bikini line • $30
Bum • $30
Butt Crack • $15
Full leg (including brazilian) • $80
Full leg (including bikini) • $65
Lower leg • $30
Thighs (including bikini) • $45
Under arm • $16
Full face (Brows, upper lip, chin) • $38
Eyebrow • $20 ($15 when combined with another service)
Upper lip • $13
Chin • $10
Neck • $20
Areola • $12
Linea • $10
Full arm • $30
Half arm • $25


Brazilian • $55
Bikini line • $35
Underarm • $18
Upper lip • $15
Chin • $18
Full face • $45


Eyebrows • $15
Upper lip • $10
Chin • $10
Full face • $30

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Waxing services cannot be performed on clientstaking Acutane, Retin-A, or similar prscriptions due to the sensitivity of the skin.



Q. What is Brazilian Waxing?
A. This treatment involves the complete removal of the pubic hair (including backside). You have the option to leave a landing strip in the front or remove as much as you would like.

Q. What is the procedure?
A. Powder is applied followed by a special hard wax designed for the most sensitive skin areas. Small patches of the hair are removed with utmost care!
To complete the procedure, a soothing lotion is applied and home care advice is given.

Q. I have sensitive skin, will waxing give me a rash or some kind of irritation?
A. Sometimes red bumps will occur after a treatment. If this occurs, it usually goes away in about 24 hours. After your skin becomes use to the waxing process, this reaction becomes almost nonexistent.


Length of Hair

To prepare for a brazilian/bikini wax, it is important that the hair is long enough to be ripped fully out from the root, the right length about ¼ inches (length of the eyebrows hair). If you are used to shaving your bikini/brazilian, stop this practice for 3-4 weeks before getting waxed for the best results.  It is recommended to gently exfoliate the pubic area before the wax, and then doing so regularly 24-48hrs after the wax to cut down on ingrown hairs.

Expect Discomfort

A brazilian/bikini wax is an intense experience. The first time is definitely the hardest, because the hair has never been pulled out before. Most women are pleasantly surprised to see that it’s not that bad and they only wish they started sooner. If you tend to have sensitive skin or stronger coarser hair, you can take a pain reliever 30-45 minutes prior to your service. Know that the pain is very temporary, and by the time you leave the salon, you should not feel any discomfort at all. The more you do the easier it gets.

Allow your Skin to Breathe

After a brazilian/bikini wax, give your skin a chance to breathe and be comfortable. Your favorite pair of tight fitting jeans may not be the best choice to wear right after your first wax. Wear loose fitting clothes and no synthetics, especially if you have easily irritated skin.